Welcome to Lake Lewisville Pediatrics!


At Lake Lewisville Pediatrics we are here to answer your questions, share your concerns and promote physical and mental health.  

You and your child should feel that you are a part of the healthcare team. From the moment you enter until checkout we promise shared respect.  Respect for your goals, your time, and your pocketbook.  

We will keep your care plan and vaccination status accessible through a portal. Our medical team will provide timely care when there is acute illness and be a support and coordinate care when the problems are more complex.

We will be open to innovation. Tell us your ideas for making it easier to get care – phone participation of working parents, remote visits for college students, weekend follow-up by phone. We will pursue your opinions. 

We will remain active in the community promoting integrity and education in service to all communities.  All Lake Lewisville Pediatricians are board certified.