Medical Home

Lake Lewisville Pediatrics is YOUR Medical Home

The process and structure of medical care is changing.  The new Medical Home is no longer an office you drop into at a time of illness and occasionally for well care.  

Within a Medical Home there is coordination and a patient’s needs are central.  Each member of Lake Lewisville pediatrics knows you and your family.  We are asking about your health goals.  We want to concentrate on preventative care and be there when illness occurs despite all of our best efforts.  

Some basic concepts of the medical home include:  

  • Welcoming all cultures and types of families  

  • Awareness of the cost of care and other barriers to getting the best care for your family.

  • Following care recommendations based on evidence and involving you and your child in the decision making process.  

  • Focusing on ease of access to our staff, your chart and medical plan. 

An investment in time and effort has and will continue to be made to be certified as a Medical Home.  We are your partner in getting the best care for your family.